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End Notes

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1901 census of canada on drew’s service
picture of lotta and RW’s betsy.
Times picuyune
sporting life.
Montreal papers on that other hookup

The American Theatre at 260 West 42nd Street, at Eighth Avenue, in NYC, had a stock company a century ago. Here’s an example of the busy schedule there during the 1900-01 season:
●Monday Sept. 17: The Three Musketeers
●Week of Sept. 20: The Great Ruby
●Sept. 24: The Charity Ball (Times critic panned Mary Hampton for being “ill at ease.” As for the theatre, he noted: “The danger for absolute failure is near.”
I think The Senator played in the ienterval
●Oct. 20: The Los Paradise
●Nov. 5: Michael Strogoff is this weeks revival
Nov. 19: The Two Orphans. Times critic said in general that the quality is “rather crude.” Stuart and Hampton still features
●Dec. 3: In Mizzouri but Hampton not in this.
●Dec. 10: Faust. Theatre making great effort for this undertaking, starring Stuart and Isabelle Evasson
●Jan. 7, 1901: Quo Vadis with Stuart and Evasson
●Jan. 21: A Celebrated Case
●Jan. 28: Held by the Enemy being revived
●Feb. 25: Big stuff, the Master of Arm, with Stuart in lead,New play
get Albert Weis quotes
●April 1: Monte Cristo with Miss Kennark
●April 22: first American production ofr new war play, Winchester, starring Stuard and, brought in just for this, Miss Margaret

There’ll be a special racing machine in this.
Then they brought in Lotta to do Camille
I knocked off at image 20 on list: stuart

Canadian records show Lotta was born between 1879 and 1881. The Nantucket researcher found that, and also found Dr. G.R. Linthicum and wife L.H. Linthicum in the Baltimore census of 1900. He was a physician who’d been born in Maryland.

Include section on famous theatres such as McVicker’s, the St. Charles, the California, etc.

Theatre historians like to say the time between 1850 and 1920 was when the theatre was democratized. It began catering to the comman man. Movies and radio changed things back about 1920.

Pick up more about east lynn from bankson header.

I might also include fat grafs on Ralph Stuart and Malcolm Williams.]

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Patty said...


I strenuously resent your disparaging comments about Sylvia Sidney. A star on Broadway at the age of 16 and in Hollywood no more than five years later -- no mean feat for a Jewish-American young woman from The Bronx -- you have seriously devalued her long, hard-working and honest career and personal integrity and privacy.

As far as her movies not being
"memorable" please let me point out, off the top of my head and hopefully all correctly titled, such films as the following:
"An American Tragedy", "Merrily We Go To Hell", "Madame Butterfly",
"Dead End", "Blood on the Sun",
"Sabotage", "Rachel, Rachel", "Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate", and others.